Local Storage Value

Simple observable value that can be subscribed to, in React, using Hooks. State is automatically synced to the localStorage.

Source code is hosted on GitHub

yarn add @corets/local-storage-value

Seamless React integration is shipped in a separate package:


This is a localStorage version of this package:


Quick Start

Example of how to use this package in React:

import React from "react"
import { createLocalStorageValue } from "@corets/local-storage-value"
import { useValue } from "@corets/use-value"

const Example = () => {
  const counter = useValue(() => createLocalStorageValue("storageKey", 1))
  const increment = () => counter.set(counter.get() + 1)
  return (
      <button onClick={increment}>{counter.get()}</button>


Create a new observable value:

import { createLocalStorageValue } from "@corets/local-storage-value"

const value = createLocalStorageValue("storageKey", "some data")

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